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Lady of the Woods Headband from "Knitting of the Fellowship" by Tanis Grey

Lady of the Woods Headband from "Knitting of the Fellowship" by Tanis Grey

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The Lady of Lothlórien and bearer of the water ring Nenya, one of the three rings of power given to the Elves, Galadriel is renowned for her wisdom, beauty, power, and ability to see into the hearts of others. Over 8,000 years old, she protects her lands and people with the power of her ring alongside her husband, Celeborn. She is tested and briefly enthralled by its power when the Fellowship brings the One Ring into her woods, and it is offered freely to her by Frodo. Accepting that the time of the Elves is ending, she passes the test and instead helps the group continue their journey.

Rule your corner of Middle-Earth and keep those pointed ears warm with a headband fit for a queen. Begun with a provisional (or temporary) cast on, the headband is worked in the round with a stranded colorwork crown motif tipped with flowers inspired by Galadriel’s circlet. A purled turning ridge is created to act like a hinge, then the back side of the band is worked in stockinette. The cast on is removed, and the live stitches are grafted together.

Kit contains a skein each color, 16 fingering yarn by Urth, which is truly a luscious yarn to knit with - does not include the book, below is the link to purchase the book - pattern is not available on Ravelry.


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