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60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares

60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares

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60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares published in 2021 joined the best-selling 60 Quick Knit series. 60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares provides 60 patterns for endless possibilities using 220 Superwash® Merino.

Don’t just knit the same blanket everyone else is making. Create your own one-of­ a-kind designs with 60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares! With 60 beautiful patterns that span all skill levels and include knit and purl textures, cables, lace, and unique stitches, sample color combinations, a range of blanket sizes, a variety of edgings, and several inspirational blanket patterns.

Even the most hesitant knitter will find plenty to kick-start their creativity. Knitting a blanket by making individual 12″ x 12″ squares means knitters can work on the go year-round without overheating as they wrestle ever-growing blankets

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