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Botties Soles

Botties Soles

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Botties® BASIC EDITION DIY Sole Set by Knitter's Pride (Knit Pro)

Turn your socks into safe and durable everyday companion with Botties soles! you can also use them as the basis for your unique slipper/shoe creations. Whether knitted, crocheted or sewn - making shoes has never been easier!

Currently available in three of the most popular sizes, each size sold separately:

SMALL Size US 6.5/7.5

Medium Size US 8.5/9.5

LARGE Size US 10.5/11.5

Botties® Basic Edition Includes:

  • 1 pair of Botties® shoe soles - Made from flexible plastic (TPU), the soles are non-toxic, skin-friendly and fully recyclable.
  • 1 pair of acrylic felt insoles (3 mm acrylic felt).
  • 5 meters of waxed thread to connect to the upper shoe
  • 1 pair of Botties® labels

SMALL SOLES - Giant Benefits:

  • Robust and Durable - Botties® can withstand frequent use for a long time. Adhesives are deliberately avoided. The soles can be redesigned several times.
  • Versatile - These soles can be used for many types of slippers. Instructions for various crafting techniques make it easy to get started. There are no limits to creativity!
  • Slip resistant - Botties® soles are slip resistant, making home socks and crochet slippers safer and more stable - reducing the risk of accidents and wear!
  • Washable - Botties® soles are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine, making the maintenance very easy.
  • Sustainable - The recyclable material of Botties® soles, their durability, and the adhesive-free handicraft concept help reduce waste and protect our environment.
  • Uniques Patented Design - User-friendly work flow thanks to a simplified functionality, the pre-punched edge allows easy connection to the upper shoe. With its rounded edges and natural shape, the Botties® sole quickly adapts to the foot.

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