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Chiagoo Spin Interchangeable Cable

Chiagoo Spin Interchangeable Cable

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Cable Size/length:Small/50in

ChiaoGoo SPIN Cables let your tips swivel with ease! Made out of clear nylon, these cables feature lifeline holes at each of the ends. To ensure your tip-to-cable connection is secure, just insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole, and you're good to go! Pair these with your ChiaoGoo TWIST Lace Tips of the correct coordinating size to get to swiveling!

Please note:
Tips ranging from US 2 - 8 (2.75mm-5.0mm) require the small [S] cables.
Tips ranging from US 9 - 15 (5.5mm-10.0mm) require the large [L] cables.

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