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Fibres of Life Tote

Fibres of Life Tote

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Created by Fair Trade Artisans. Two tone felted tote with leather short handles. Closure with a snap.  Lined, with pockets on either side on the inside. Measurements: 9" x 16" x 5". Flat bottom, with gussetted sides.yarn

Fair Trade keeps you humble. At every turn you find out what you don’t know, and what you have to learn. But there’s one thing I DO know – One thing for certain – fair trade is an adventure.

A big, incessantly expanding adventure – that lasts a lifetime for mavericks in our field. It’s a journey that is never-ending, and is filled with beautiful new people at every turn – the creative artisans we work with, their advocates through fair trade associations, and our brilliant customers who support, teach, and inform us as we grow.

Fair trade is a journey that is stimulating to the max – filled with colors, textures, smells, and even tastes (one of my favorite places in the world to eat is the Association for Craft Producers free cafeteria!).

And fair trade is an adventure of not to be underestimated growth, commitment, and darn hard work that is fueled by its social and environmental drive. It’s a journey I like to describe as stumbling towards ecstasy. And the stumbling and the ecstasy both come at surprising times – sometimes at the same time!

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