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Knitter Knecklace by Marla

Knitter Knecklace by Marla

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I love these knitting tool necklaces! I am not a believer in extra stuff around my neck - but I was wearing it one day to promote the product, and I was knitting and noticed I dropped a stitch, and lo and behold, I had a hook on my new necklace to pick up the dropped stitch, didn't have to set anything down to go look for a fix it tool, never skipped a beat, now I am sold. These may seem pricey - but let me tell you, they are so well made and constructed. the necklace is also adjustable and can be made longer. Nice Leather cord.

Each necklace contains:

6 Stitch Markers

1 Fix it Tool

2 Stitch Markers with clasp

1 Detachable so you can add your little snipit scissors

I love my new trinket.

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